General questions

Is iSALE open-source? May I get access to iSALE?

iSALE is not fully open-source. Please read the terms of use for detailed information.

How can I learn how to use iSALE?

New Users are encouraged to run all the example simulations to familiarize themselves with the different iSALE features and input options.

How is iSALE documented?

This wiki and the manual, located at prefix/doc/iSALE_manual.pdf provide the best documentation that we can currently offer. We encourage new Users to help us improve documentation by editing and improving the wiki.


Can I use a different Fortran compiler than the default one?

Simply add FC=<compiler-name> to the end of your ./configure command...

How can I enable debugging of iSALE?

Use configure-option --enable-debugging to enable debugging of iSALE-2D, iSALE-3D, iSALEMat/ptools, and iSALEPlot

Use configure-option --enable-debugging-libs to enable debugging of compression libraries (libjc)

Use configure-option --enable-debugging-all to enable debugging of all iSALE-related components and sub-projects


I updated my version of iSALE using SVN and recompiled, but iSALE failed to compile. Why?

If Buildbot is not reporting that the iSALE build is broken, this error is probably caused by either:

  1. SVN update raised some conflicts that need to be resolved: see here.
  2. Modified files depend on other files that need to be rebuilt. In this case, make clean before recompiling.

Using iSALE

How can I find out what are valid values for an iSALE input option?

iSALEPar and iSALEMat are tools to aid Users in editing input files. See documentation here.

How do I visualise iSALE data?

iSALE comes with two visualisation tools: pySALEPlot and VIMoD. To install either of these, add --with-vimod or --with-pysaleplot to the configure command. See the relevant pages for instructions on how to use these tools.