Changes in iSALE-Chicxulub

Compared to iSALE-Barringer, following changes are introduced with iSALE-Chicxulub:

  • Entirely new file structure
    • additional codes are included in the repository
    • configure-script allows an easy installation
  • Additional software provided with iSALE
    • iSALE-3D -- Three-dimensional counterpart of iSALE-2D
    • vimod -- visualization software
    • iSALEMat -- tool for checking and rearranging material input files
    • iSALEPar -- tool for checking and rearranging model input files (performs sanity and value checks)
  • New Features included in iSALE(2D and 3D)
    • central gravity (both 2D and 3D)
    • self gravity (2D only)
    • porosity model now included in iSALE-3D, too
    • revised tracer format
    • revised setup-routines allow for more complex setup configurations
    • additional strength models, such as Johnson/Cook or Von Mises
    • additional EOS
    • new examples generated
    • improved documentation; tutorial available on wiki
    • added buildbot-tests